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Hempel's Silic One 77450


Silic One is a biocide free, high solid fouling release system based on silicone and hydro gel. This gives a smooth even surface making it difficult for organisms to attach to the hull and facilitates self-cleaning when the boat is in motion. Suitable for use on all substrates, except wood, below the waterline.

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HEMPEL'S SILIC ONE 77450 is a biocide free, high solid, fouling release coating which cures by air humidity. Based on silicone, a hydro gel micro layer provides a smooth, low surface energy repellent coating which prevents organisms attaching to the hull and propellers, while the silicone polymers facilitate self-cleaning. As a fouling release system for boats of glass fibre, steel, aluminium and plywood. For use below the waterline. For cold, temperate and warm waters.

Application method: Brush/ Roller

Thinner (max.vol.): Do not dilute.

Pot life: 1 hour after opening the can

Indicated film thickness, dry: 70 micron [2.8 mils]

Indicated film thickness, wet: 100 micron [4 mils]

Overcoat interval, min: 16 hour(s) 20°C/68°F 16 hour(s) 10°C/50°F

Overcoat interval, max: None.

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